Servant Leadership

Christian educators play a critical role in creating a nurturing village for children to thrive. So what does it take to train a child in the way he or she should go amidst influences of the 21st century?

Varick’s Children (VC) Ministry addressed the 21st century challenge by designing 3-day Christian Camps to train Zion’s children in four key areas of learning and development – character, mission, leadership and community. Over the course of four years, participants in VC Christian Camps are taught what it means to be like Christ; how they can be used to build God’s kingdom on earth;; why they are not too young to serve the Lord; and how their “actions speak louder than words.”

Student curriculum and teacher resources for VC Christian Camps are distributed in December for the Christian Education Winter Meeting and in June for Children’s Day. The Matthew Project is a hands-on learning experience based on Matthew 25: 31-46.

Children’s Day is observed the second Sunday in June. This guide offers suggestions for activities to make the Children’s Day weekend an engaging time for participants and teachers.